Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Cutiebow V3

Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Cutiebow V3 – L$100

Whimsical hairstyle that features ribbons tied and interwoven to create a playful and dynamic look.

Flexi and mesh elements add movement and dimension, while the hair sticks boast winged embellishments for an added touch of fantasy.

Draping material cascades gracefully from the sticks, completing the ethereal and dreamy aesthetic.

Also, its extremely simple to change this hairstyles color!

Get it in world or on the marketplace:



  • Either purchase or get a FREE trial color changer HUD from Curious Kitties Shop
  • Attach HUD(s) & the hairstyles
  • Press the color(s) of your choice.
    …thats it!

For this particular hairstyle type, [Type B]
You need:
2 HUDs to change the base color & streak color since [Type B] is a streaked (2 color) hairstyle type.

The “Nyanotech HUD Series [Type A+B]” can change “Nyanotech Series [Type B]” product colors.

If you do not own a “Nyanotech Series [Type A]” or “Nyanotech Series [Type B]” product you can not change the colors.

Please note the HUDs are sold separately from the Hairstyle.

The HUD only needs to be purchased ONCE & then it can be used with as many hairstyles from the same “Nyanotech Series [Type A]” or “Nyanotech Series [Type B]” as you own.

※This Hairstyle can be used with all current “Nyanotech HUDs [Type A]” , “Nyanotech HUDs [Type B]” & “Nyanotech HUDs [Type A+B]”
(V3) Version 3.0. -Any versions or types other then V3 can not be changed.


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