2021 Fukubukuro at Curious Kitties

It’s that time again! Curious Kitties fukubukuro sale has started!

2021 lucky bag types

This year’s bags are as follows:

[L$1000](L$3000~L$4000 valued items)
Hair & HUD – Mens – Unreal – Cute – Gothic – Fantasy – Original

[L$3000](L$10000~L$12000 valued items)
Fantasy – Cute

[L$5000](L$18000~L$20000 valued items)
Gothic – Cute – Fantasy – Unreal

[L$10000](L$35000~L$40000 valued items)
Special VIP Pack!

Like last year Curious Kitties fukubukuros do not have purchase limits, so you can grab as many types of bags as you like!


This year theres a special bonus with each purchase of fukubukuro! You can get a free collar!


ALSO! You can grab the Twirly 2021 Cow Particles gift absolutely free of charge!

Get the free gifts and Fukubukuro at Curious Kitties Shop here:


[FREE] Rustic Mice Kitty Hat

A free red kitty hat with cute little mice pattern accent!

Teleport to get it for L$0 here:

Join the update group here to get free L$0 gifts: https://my.secondlife.com/groups/cdb538b0-64b0-946d-7665-c23e174a85e7

2020 Fukubukuro at Curious Kitties

Curious Kitties Fukubukuro Sale 2020 has started!

Do you want a cute little mouse scarf? The answer must be yes! You can get a scarf with purchase of any Lucky Bag at Curious Kitties (Fukubukuro!)

ALSO! As a special Thank you gift you can get the Twirly Mice Paw Particles absolutely free of charge!

Good Luck &
Happy New Year!!
~ Enjoy year of the Mouse in 2020!!

Winter Doll Items at Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz

Winter Blue Skirt – L$150 is available for a limited time with the free L$0 group gift Puffie Snowflake Top! Both items are for the unreal line based off the original school lineup first released in 2012: https://ameshin.wordpress.com/2012/06/05/curious-kitties-unreal-fuzz-school-items/

↑ Unreal Fuzz Free Snowflake Top & Limited Edition Skirt!