Gothic Lace Undergarments

Gothic Lace Undergarments – L$100 New underwear for Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz Doll avatars! Get them inworld at the doll shop here: Or on the marketplace:

[Limited Edition] FREE & New Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz Sakura Goods!

Sakura Cosplay Outfit: L$0, FREE Sakura Undergarments: L$50 Sakura Dolly Key – Deadly: L$250 Sakura Dolly Key – Pure: L$250 Playtime Kitten Dress – Sakura: L$500 Piffet Sakura Dress: L$300 Wonderful Sakura Boots: L$250 Wonderful Sakura Shoes: L$100 Todays release is new LIMITED EDITION Unreal sakura style goods! Be sure to check them out at…

Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz School Items

Puffie Butterfly Top – L$150 Kittenz Crystal Head L$200 Kittenz Daffie Head L$200 Kittenz Prittzi Head L$200 Kittenz Moniqua Head L$200 Pretty Pleats Skirt – L$150 Simple Undergarments – L$50 Todays release is stylish school style clothing, undergarments & heads for [Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz] avatars ! They come highly recommended so be sure to…

Furry Section!

*The above pictures are a small sample of the things maded for the avatar. Today a new section with new items has opened! “Curious Kitties Luskwood Furry Section” or for short the “furry section” As you probably guessed from the name Curious Kitties has teamed up with Luskwoods new Red Panda avatar release to make…

Don’t Look Underwear Set

Don’t Look Underwear Set (8) Todays release are 8 new undershirt & underpants sets! The set says “Don’t Look” on both the top and bottom! This set is both cute & coy – sure to get a few laughs! Click Here to go to the Clothing Section

Monoarch Bra & Panties

Monoarch Bra and Panties (8) Todays releases are 8 new bra & pantie sets! The design is similar to the one on the “Monoarch Dress” from a previous release! I think the highlight of this item is the unusual design on the pantie part -teehee- Click Here to go to the Clothing Section

O Double Skirt Pants

O Double Skirt Pants (8) Todays releases are 8 cool new pants! This item is espically designed for skirts. It has 2 layers the top and bottom layer. I reccomend it with the Double Lace Up serious! These are quite cute! They have hearts down the side! You can wear them as long or short pants…


“Leopard Bra / Panties”(8) “Leopard Stockings”(8) “3045  Stockings”(4) 「Leopard Bra / Panties」(8) 「Leopard Stockings」(8) 「3045  Stockings」(4)

3045 Panties

Name: “3045 Coal Panties/Bra” , “3045 Ruby Panties/Bra” , “3045 Honey Panties/Bra” , “3045 Sapphire Panties/Bra” 名前: 「3045 Coal Panties/Bra」 , 「3045 Ruby Panties/Bra」 , 「3045 Honey Panties/Bra」 , 「3045 Sapphire Panties/Bra」