Diamond Frost Wings

It’s the first winning item for The Wishing Wall of Winter Diamonds!

Make a wish at Curious Kitties Winter Diamond Festival and try your luck. It’s free!

Teleport and make a wish here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Curious%20Kitties/129/126/21

Read more about the event here:

Christmas SALE & Group Gift

[Curious Kitties Christmas Sale]

Starting from today (12/12/2009) to the 28th of this month Curious Kitties is putting on a
Christmas Sale!

Everything in the sale is a whooping 50%~90% off!

Its been quite a while since Curious Kitties has put on a sale, so there are TONS of items!

Also, during the period of the sale there will be Christmas events, Christmas releases & Christmas freebies to follow!

Be sure to check it out in Curious Kitties garden!

Snow Angel Wings 1 type Group Gift: Free

ALSO! Todays release is a new group gift! This super cute new group gift is a Christmasy wing / particle set! =^.^= Just attach! Thats all there is to it! You’d never guess this is a free item!

Please note that Curious Kitties previous group gift (Winter Cutie Hat) is still up (and will be up for a little while longer)

Just remember!

-You have to be in the =^.^= Curious Kitties Update Group to get it!

-Teleport to Curious Kitties & touch the free gift vendor with your group tag on!

As always this is a limited edition item that will be taken down and replaced with a new gift in the future so make sure to get it while its still here!

[Curious Kitties]


[Curious Kitties Christmas Sale Section]


[=^.^= Curious Kitties Update Group]


FREEBIES! Hair, Wings, Accessories!

Todays release are 4 freebies! The wings & eye covers are totally new items. The hairstyle and bracelets are slight modifications from a few years ago. Out of these items my personal picks are the hair & wings! Check them out at the freebie stand near the clothing section!

Click Here to go to the Freebie Section

Dragons Accessories

Dragons Accessories
Dragons Accessories (8)

Todays release are dragon accessories! Tiny dragon wings that attach to your head. They are a perfect balance of cute & cool! The skin part of the wing is semi-transparent that makes for a very interesting effect. There is a live display of the item in the accessories section so take a peek!

Click Here to go to the Accessories Section