[MESH DESIGN] Peaceful Flower Necklace & Earrings

Peaceful Flower Necklace L$200

Peaceful Flower Earrings L$100

Today is a necklace & earrings!

They are highly recommended so be sure to check it out at [Curious Kitties Shop]

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[Curious Kitties]


Destiny Lip Piercings

Destiny Lip Piercings – 8 Colors – 1 Pair: L$50

Todays release are 8 new lip piercings!

These new lip piercings are only one prim, so they are easy to move around & resize!

Also, this is part of the same series as the [Destiny Dress] so they go really well together =^.^=

This is just a simple little accessory, so the price is quite reasonable! Be sure to check it out in the accessories section.

[Xstreet SL]

[Curious Kitties]


[Curious Kitties Accessories Section]


Bunny Avatar New Add-on!

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Todays release are 3 new bunny avatar add-ons! Theres a pretty new white dress “Angelic White Bunny Dress” and two other items, a full set & a new hairstyle! Also, theres another free item that goes with the chocolate bunny outfit in Sapphire Central (You can use it with any avatar.)

Click here to go to Curious Kitties

Nyanotech Ears

Nyanotech Ears (4)

Todays release are 4 new scripted neko ears! These cute ears are a part of the “Nyanotech Hair” series! Just like always 9 totally new hair textures are just one click away via HUD or touching the actual ear base these ears even when not linked to the hair will change the haircolor, same with clicking the ears! 9 colors in one compact package. Saves both time money and inventory space! Each ear style has its own features. The standard flexi ears are scripted with a twitchy flicky script, as are the Ejap Ears (which are not flexi) My personal favorite are the “Sculptie Kitty Ears” they are simple and low prim & the inner ear can be changed in 9 different ways (including removing the inner ear texture) There is a live click to change color display in the hair section so be sure to check that out as well!

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Maji Multi Facial Piercings

Maji Multi Facial Piercings (4)

Todays release are 4 new piercings! Tons of diffrent piercings that look really great together =^.^= Check them out in the accessories section!

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