Mermaid Avatars

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Todays release are 4 totally new original avatar sets! Curious Kitties has released quite a few full avatar packs in the past such as cyborg, robotic, neko avatars to name a few; todays releases are quite a different theme as usual.


Each avatar set is L$4000 with a value pack for L$12000! The value pack is priced down so you get one mermaid avatar set free~!

I highly recommend these high quality mermaid avatars for all you fantasy lovers out there! =^.^= The tail has its own built in animation which you can use your own AO over. The tail movements will work with many animations (be sure to test your new animations while wearing the avatar if you are unsure.) There is a basic movement ao also included that will animate your upper body to swim while moving. You can also put the swimming animation in your own custom AO by taking a copy of the animation from the basic AO I’ve included. And finally, there is a stand-alone sit animation I’ve included for you to use in your own AO!

Now back to the actual avatar: there are particle bubbles included in each one! All the parts are included! Along with skins, shapes, hair, particles, animations & eyes. These are very fun to customize with new clothes and hair!

**Please note that the scripts and animations included are no modify.