Panda Items – Free Skins & New Panda Suits

New Group Gift: Azil Panda Skins – [ L$0 ]


★Product Name:

– Silly Old Panda Suit


– Silly Old Panda Suit – [ L$200 ]


– Silly Old Panda Suit – [ 8 Colors]

★Genre: Animal, Cute

★Category: Costume

★Item Type:

– Silly Old Panda Suit – [ 100% Mesh | Rigged Mesh | Flexi ]

★Shop Name: Curious Kitties Main Shop

★Special Features:

– Silly Old Panda Suit
[ Animal Suit | Hood | Halloween Design | Scarf ]


[Curious Kitties]

[Curious Kitties Autumn Festival]

[Limited Edition] Summer Watermelon Angst Dress & Summer Watermelon Muli Empress Coat

Summer Watermelon Muli Angst Dress – L$500

Summer Watermelon Muli Empress Coat – L$500

Todays release is a limited dress & coat for Curious Kitties Summer Festival!
Its highly recommended so be sure to check them out at [Curious Kitties Shop]

Be sure to check them out at the Summer Festival soon!

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[Curious Kitties Summer Items]

[Curious Kitties]

Wasted Time Mini Jacket

Wasted Time Mini Jacket 4 Colors 1 Jacket: L$500

Todays release are 4 new jackets!

They are highly recommended so be sure to check them out at [Curious Kitties Shop]

[Curious Kitties]

[Curious Kitties Clothing Section]

Muli Emperor Coat

Muli Emperor Coat 8 Colors 1 Coat: L$500

Its a new male version of the popular [Muli Empress Coat]

Like its female counterparts this coat features many buckles! This version in particular has long sleeves and a unique collar.

As always this long black coat is unisex so it can work on both women and men!

=^.^= Be sure to it out in Curious Kitties mister, or “New Items” location!

[Xstreet SL]

[Curious Kitties]

[Curious Kitties Men’s Shop]

Muli Empress Coat

Muli Empress Coat 8 Colors 1 Coat: L$500

This is a standard type of [Muli Coat] with a fur collar & some other great improvements on the design!

On a side note as usual this new release has a few options besides its regular mod/trans options.
There are copyable versions & 2 value packs (one copyable, one transferable)

The value packs are both priced down for all 8 colors!
Check it out in the clothing section, there is a live sample display of the dress!

[Xstreet SL]

[Curious Kitties]

[Curious Kitties Clothing Section]