Curious Kitties at the Fantasy Faire!

New creative blog by Ameshin Yossarian:

Forgotten Doll Skin

Softest Kitty Butterfly Bag
Softest Kitty Butterfly Dress

Butterfly Kitty Eyes
Forgotten Doll Eyes

There’s also some freebies! Watch the videos for more information =^.^=

Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz:

Fantasy Faire 2017:

Christmas Items & Free Christmas Presents!

[Christmas Items]

Fuzzy Christmas Kitty Gloves 1 Pair: L$200

Christmas Kitty Boots 1 Pair: L$200

Christmas Stripe Kitty Hoodie – White 1 Hoodie: L$270

Christmas Stripe Kitty Hoodie – Red 1 Hoodie: L$270

[Free Christmas Presents]

Christmas Bag 1 : Xmas Present:Free

Christmas Bell Bound Bracelets 1 Xmas Present:Free

Lazy Christmas Head Kitty Doll 1 Xmas Present:Free

Christmas Little Bell Necklace 1 Xmas Present:Free

Merry Christmas! =^.^=

Todays release are 4 new Christmas items & a Free Christmas present event!

The Christmas releases are popular neko themed items redone in a Christmassy taste!

Also, there are 4 FREE Christmas presents that you can get from the “Christmas Tree” =^.^= it spits out 1 of 4 presents randomly! You click the present you see on the ground and it is automaticlly delivered to your inventory!


Also, if you haven’t had a chance to look yet be sure to visit the “[Curious Kitties Garden]” for the “Curious Kitties Christmas Sale” where you can find many of Curious Kitties clearance items for a limited time, as well as other Free items, group gifts & Christmas items!

The [Curious Kitties] sale (50%~90% off) ends on the 28th so be sure to stop by soon! =^.^=

[Curious Kitties]

[Curious Kitties Christmas Sale Section(Garden)]

Group Gift – Lenige Bag

This new group gift is unisex black buckle bag! It goes great with just aboout any style of fashion! Please note that Curious Kitties previous group gift “Lazy Kitty Head and Shoulder Doll” is still up (and will be up for a little while longer)

Just remember!

-You have to be in the =^.^= Curious Kitties Update Group to get it!

-Teleport to Curious Kitties & touch the free gift vendor with your group tag on!

As always this is a limited edition item that will be taken down and replaced with a new gift in the future so make sure to get it while its still here!

Click here to go to Curious Kitties!