Cute Japanaese Kitty and Cherry Blossoms

Japanese and East Asian style items for dolls!
Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz has a new animated coin flipping lucky cat, long color change hair, unique cherry blossom sandals and a cute Chinese style lolita cherry blossom dress.

*C:K* Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Lil Origin V3 – L$100
*C:K* Exquisite Blossom Sandals – L$100
*C:K* Maneki Neko San – L$500
*C:K* Exquisite Blossom Dress – L$500

Get these items at Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz Doll Shop:

Bunbun Unreal Rollerskates

Bunbun Unreal Rollerskates L$300

Animated Skates (for Unreal, 50% smaller then default avatar dolls)
Comes in 8 colors, with an Alice style bunny design.

Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz

Alice Bunny by ameshin on DeviantArt

Curious Kitties Camouflage Buckle Dress & Camouflage Boots

Camouflage Buckle Dress - Desert, Jungle, Urban, Water
Camouflage Buckle Dress – Desert, Jungle, Urban, Water

Curious Kitties new dresses and boots!

Camouflage Boots - Desert, Jungle, Urban, Water
Camouflage Boots – Desert, Jungle, Urban, Water
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Curious Kitties Boots

Curious Kitties Fantasy Fuzz – Flame Items

Spirit of Flame Dress – L$300
Spirit of Flame Boots – L$200
Spirit of Flame Arm Bracers – L$100
Spirit of Flame Mesh Eyes – L$100

Todays release is a Fantasy themed avatar set from the shop [Curious Kitties Fantasy Fuzz]

Be sure to check them out at Curious Kitties Fantasy Fuzz!

*[Curious Kitties Fantasy Fuzz] can be found at

Stylish Flora Boots

Todays releases are 8 new boots!


Product Name: Stylish Flora Boots

Price: L$250

Variations: 8 Colors

Genre: Lolita, Cute, Fantasy, Floral

Category: Boots

Item Type: 100% Mesh, Rigged Mesh

Shop Name: Curious Kitties Main Shop – Boots/Shoes Section

Special Features:

[ Ribbons ]

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[Curious Kitties Footwear Section]