Winter Doll Items at Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz

Winter Blue Skirt – L$150 is available for a limited time with the free L$0 group gift Puffie Snowflake Top! Both items are for the unreal line based off the original school lineup first released in 2012:
↑ Unreal Fuzz Free Snowflake Top & Limited Edition Skirt!

Poofie Confused Bat Mini Skirt

Poofie Confused Bat Mini Skirt

New Halloween Release from Curious Kitties!

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[Curious Kitties]

Poofie Confused Bat Mini Skirt L$200

Mysterious Butterfly Skirt Pants

Mysterious Butterfly Skirt Pants: L$500

Todays releases are 8 new pairs of pants/skirt sets!

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