Golden Week Finale – New Items & Event! Prize Chance!

Giant Golden Pack L$5000

Electropo Hovercraft – Playful Coins L$100

Todays release is a limited quantity [Giant Golden Pack]

This pack has a huge variety of items such as an avatar set & many more gold themed items!

The pack as stated above is of limited quantity, there are only 10 of this pack for purchase!

Also, by purchasing the newly released [Electropo Hovercraft – Playful Coins] you might also win a [Giant Golden Pack] along with L$1000! =^.^=

Be sure to check them out in Curious Kitties Golden Week festival with the other Golden recommended items!

● About the [Electropo Hovercraft – Playful Coins] campaign●
– The Prize is [Giant Golden Pack] + L$1000
– Purchasers of the [Electropo Hovercraft – Playful Coins] will be chosen at random
– The prizes will be delivered May 10th SLT

[Curious Kitties]

Holiday Gift Pack

Happy Holidays!

Today Curious Kitties has released a very special limited edition gift pack & legwarmer boot set!
The system uses a special “item card system” so you can send them to a friend for the holidays.

Just click the item card attached to you at Curious Kitties or drop it at Curious Kitties to recieve the item purchased. (The card system works anywhere within the shop.)

Todays set is an extremely good bargin, so be sure to check it out soon!=^.^=

[Curious Kitties]

[Curious Kitties Winter Festival]

Acoria Skirts and Legwarmers

Acoria Skirt – L$250

Acoria Legwarmers – L$100

Todays release are 2 new gothic skirts & legwarmers!

All 4 of these new items come highly recommended so be sure to check them out at Curious Kitties Gothic Fuzz Shop soon!



*[Curious Kitties Gothic Fuzz] can be found at []

Curious Kitties Autumn Festival New Items & Hair Fair Hairs

Todays releases are [Curious Kitties Autumn Festival] items!

[Curious Kitties]


Ripped Kitty Legwarmers

Ripped Kitty Legwarmers: L$100

Todays release are 8 new legwarmers!

These new legwarmers are a remake of a very old Curious Kitties design
they have a very standard feel to them & go great with just about any type of fashion!

There is a live prim display in the accessories section so be sure to check it out!

Also, on a side note this new release has a few options besides its regular mod/trans options.
There are copyable versions & 2 value packs (one copyable, one transferable)

[Xstreet SL]

[Curious Kitties]

[Curious Kitties Accessories Section]