About Ameshin

I'm an artist & digital designer! Heres the online environments I've designed on: There.com - Year 2003 ~ 2010 (The worlds company went out of business.) Second Life - Year 2004 ~ to present & on I own a successful shop called "Curious Kitties" that has been in business since early 2004. (I've also done some projects professionally with Linden Lab, the company that owns Second Life, as well as being published in many real life books, magazines & news stories.) IMVU - Year 2005 ~ to present & on I haven't actually done much for IMVU in the past few years but I think I will be doing a tiny bit more from now on, no promises though. Synthe - Year 2009 ~ 2010 (The worlds company went out of business, this was a Japanese language only world.) Twinity - Year 2009 ~ to present & on I have a small shop here, although there isn't much to do yet.

Curious Kitties Free Group Gift Fancy Cat Eyes

[FREE] Curious Kitties - Fancy Cat Eyes

=^.^= Curious Kitties Update Group

Curious Kitties Shop latest group gift is a pair of unique cat eyes! You can use them with the default avatar types in Second Life. They also go great with Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz doll avatars!

Get them here for a limited time only:



Limited Edition Dancing Fairy Mew (Group Gift and Release)

Dancing Fairy Mew Boots – FREE L$0 Group Gift!
Dancing Fairy Mew Dress – L$30

Get them here:

This Group gift & limited edition dress works great with the Kittenz Mew Fairy Avatar released in 2012! For a limited time it’s 50% OFF!

WeReUlookiN Eyes

Free WeReUlookiN Eyes.png

=^.^= Curious Kitties Update Group Gift!

WeReUlookiN Eyes are eyes that ALWAYS look up!

Get them here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Curious%20Kitties/240/140/20

This weeks group gift is a silly pair of eyes!

They work on any avatar that can use default eyes!

Join the group here: secondlife:///app/group/cdb538b0-64b0-946d-7665-c23e174a85e7/about

Free Group Gift Monster Fur Kitty Ears – Sweetie Lollie

Free Monster Fur Kitty Ears - Sweetie Lollie

Curious Kitties latest group gift is a pair of ears to match the latest fan design! https://ameshin.wordpress.com/2018/06/21/sweetie-lollie-fans/

Monster Fur Kitty Ears – Sweetie Lollie

L$0 for a limited time at Curious Kitties Island!


Sweetie Lollie Fans

Sweet Lollie Fans - Black, White, Pink, Blue

Sweetie Lollie Fans – L$500

Curious Kitties shop has released 4 new fans to go with the Sweetie Lollie Collection originally released in 2013 for the now closed event Genre!

Get them here:

Speaking of Genre, produced by Pale Girl Productions; now is your last chance to visit Curious Kitties at the Vintage Fair! https://palegirlproductions.wordpress.com/category/vintage-fair-2018/

Visit while you still can to get the limited edition eyes!