50% Smaller then default avatar! UNREAL! Anime style heads & eyes!

Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz 50% Smaller then default avatar! UNREAL! Anime style heads & eyes!

Kittenz Animeme Head
Kittenz Animeme Head – L$200
Kittenz Animyrial Head
Kittenz Animyrial Head – L$200

Animea Eyes - Red, Pink, Blue, Purple
Animea Eyes - Silver, Brown, Green, Yellow

Animea Eyes – L$100


Curious Kitties Fukubukuro 2014

Happy New Year!!
The Fukubukuro event has started!

This years bags have MANY options!

[L$1000](L$3000~L$6000 valued items)
Original – Fantasy – Gothic – Cute – Unreal – Mens

[L$3000](L$10000~L$12000 valued items)
Gothic – Cute

[L$5000](L$18000~L$20000 valued items)
Fantasy – Unreal

[L$10000](L$35000~L$40000 valued items)
Special VIP Pack!

Curious Kitties fukubukuro does not have purchase limits so you can purchase as many types of bags as you like! You are not limited to just one!

There are also exchange ticket bags (give-able ticket) gift options for those who are purchasing for a friend!

This year theres a special bonus with each purchase of fukubukuro! You can get a [ Year of the Horse Pack ] ! This also uses a transferable ticket system!

Good Luck &
Happy New Year!!

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75% OFF! Curious Kitties Holiday SALE

Today is the First Day of Curious Kitties Holiday SALE! All items 75% off!

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[Genre] Western

Today [Genre Western] started!
Curious Kitties has done some super cute Western Items for Genre!


Curious Kitties Unreal Elf Avatar!

Kittenz Lilah Elf Avatar – L$3000

Todays release is a new elf avatar!

It comes highly recommended so be sure to check it out soon!

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