Full outfit Sets #3

Full outfit Sets #3

SIROKURO Set, NMB Style Set, The Raven Set, MANATSU Style Set

The “MANATSU Style” Set was featured in the Japanese “SL Creators Awards 2007” & won! See the site here: http://www.sl-fashion.com/ (Japanese Only!)

Full Outfit Sets #2

Full Outfit Set 2
Purple Mikan Clash Cutie, Pink Poison, Mystic Garden, Monochrome Panda

The Mystic Garden outfit has a modified version of the Ssur dress and a modified version of the flower necklace (the big flower is black and the rest are white) You can’t buy either of these modified items outside the set!

Full Outfit Sets

Curious Kitties Clothing Sets
Full outfit sets from Curious Kitties!
Grunge Kitty, Sexy Vampirette, Blueberry Clubber, Gothic Pixie

New shop opening! “Full outfit shop” this shop includes full outfits with clothing accessories and footwear all in one pack! Each pack has L$50 taken off the full price of all the items in the the pack. I will be releasing at the very least 4 packs every day for 1 full week after this so keep checking back! Some packs will include items you can’t purchase separately!

newly opened shop
Click here to go to the new “Full Outfits” shop!