Egg Bash

Take a peek at the Egg Bash Prizes on Youtube!

You can join in on the fun here:

Just grab a hammer and bash bash bash!


Unreal Fuzz Egg Bash

Oh hey, it’s our old friend the giant egg!

You can do that here:

Curious Kitties egg bash event in the virtual world Second Life

Curious Kitties Egg Bash Event for Unreal Fuzz!

Items for Unreal Fuzz, and some accessories/misc for use with default avatars!

To Play:
Get a Free hammer & click the giant egg!
★BONUS! There is an extra special free gift included with the free wooden hammer!

Up to 8 players for the game!

Sit on a flowers around the egg & hit HIT HIT!

When the egg breaks it gives you a random limited edition special prize!

2017 Curious Kitties Fukubukuro
Do you want a MAGICAL glowing chick that bounces on your head? …of course you do! You can get 5 different colors free when purchasing a Lucky Bag at Curious Kitties (Fukubukuro!)

Try a hair style bag for hundreds of hairstyles and colors for the price of 2!

ALSO! As a special Thank you gift you can get the Twirly Chicks Particles absolutely free of charge!

Good Luck &
Happy New Year!!
~ Enjoy year of