Silver Week Release Vol.03

Silver Muka Boots Click here to see all the previews Todays “Silver Week” release is a pair of silver boots! Be sure to keep checking back daily for more silver releases in the “Silver Week” Event! Click here to go to Curious Kitties

Haesy Shoes

Haesy Shoes (8) Todays releases are 8 new shoes! The pattern is of course the “Heasy” texture from some previous releaseses! I highly reccomend these to go with the choker, bracelets or dress from the haesy line! There is a sample in the Boots/Shoes section so check it out! Click Here to go to the…

Star Shoes

Star Shoes (8) These cute platform shoes emit star particles the color of the shoes that can be turned on or off by voice command! Live display in the boots/shoes section!


“Shinukana Shoes” (8) 怖い映画見ながら靴の名前決めました! “Leopard Shoes” (8)