[Limited Edition] Breezy Coral Nail Polish

Breezy Coral Nail Polish – L$100

Todays release is a limited edition coral themed nail polishes for Curious Kitties Summer Festival!
Its highly recommended so be sure to check them out at [Curious Kitties Shop]

Be sure to check them out at the Summer Festival soon!

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Halloween Goods 2009 Vol.02

Todays releases are 8 new Halloween themed items! Dress, Skirt, Hat, Top, 2 skins, nail polish & stockings!

This is the 2nd Halloween release this year for Curious Kitties!

All of these new designs have a a noticeable Halloween theme to them, so if your looking for something Halloweeny these are for you!

Each unique item is of high quality which I highly recommend!

Be sure to check them out in Curious Kitties main teleport point along with the other Halloween recommended items!

Click here to go to the Halloween Items!

Nail Polish (16 Types)

Click here to see all the nails!

Todays release are 16 new nail polishes! Theres several basic colors as well as cute designs such as cherries! Be sure to check them out in the Skin/Body Section! Please note as these items are under L$100 they do not qualify for a “Creators Stamp Rally Summer Choice! 2009” stamp card inside the product, so they are only placed at the skin section, not the new items section.

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