[CK Shop] Holiday Special Events !!

Curious Kitties is putting on a special 1 week holiday event! It starts off with 2 events! A sale & present tree~!
Curious Kitties has been taken over by Tiki decor for this special event!
Coming in with friends or loved ones checking out the decorations is quite fun!
Now for the single event explanations:

For the sale event items marked with a flaming “HOT” mark are 5%~50% off! If you find any items with the “HOT” mark the percentage off is listed on the mark so its quite easy to understand!

The second event- the Present Tree drops secret items randomly! There are tons of rare special items inside the presents so make sure to check it out!

Keep in mind there are more events coming up for this wild tiki party so be sure to check back daily as not to miss anything!

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Bunny Avatar New Add-on ! No.02

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Todays release are 4 new bunny avatar add-on sets! The “Kitty Bunny Outfit” is my best choice! The main part of it is based off my famous original “Kitty Hoodie” =^.^= Also, The “Cute Egg Bunny Friend” add-on is quite cool too! It comes with its own animation & is only L$25! Be sure to check them out at the Curious Kitties main teleport point!

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Bunny Avatar New Add-on!

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Todays release are 3 new bunny avatar add-ons! Theres a pretty new white dress “Angelic White Bunny Dress” and two other items, a full set & a new hairstyle! Also, theres another free item that goes with the chocolate bunny outfit in Sapphire Central (You can use it with any avatar.)

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Elegant Bunny Avatar & Freebies

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Todays release is quite a special one! Its a bunny avatar set! Its cell shaded making the whole look quite cute! There are also 2 add-ons to make the bunny look different! The main project that includes the bunny avatar, a full set of clothing & some hair. There are two add-on packs for the bunny avatar that adds entirely new hair & clothes for each! “Black Lace Outfit” & “Love Bunny Outfit” Also, as a special one time offer the full “Elegant Bunny Avatar” is being sold for only L$100! There is a full prim display of the entire avatar set up near the main teleport point! Be sure to take a peek! Also! Theres a free add-on item for the avatar plus a bunny doll anyone regardless of their avatar type can use! Its the “Bunny Hop Free Items!” and if you can find the golden egg their hidden in you can get them for free! They are hidden somewhere in Curious Kitties!

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Furry Section!

*The above pictures are a small sample of the things maded for the avatar.

Today a new section with new items has opened! “Curious Kitties Luskwood Furry Section” or for short the “furry section” As you probably guessed from the name Curious Kitties has teamed up with Luskwoods new Red Panda avatar release to make asian style clothing fitted to the new avatar! There are vendors placed at Curious Kitties & Luskwood for both the new avatar & new fitted fashions! Don’t be shy if you aren’t a furry, most of the items can be fitted to any type of avatar just as the rest of the things at Curious Kitties can be fitted to furry avatars! (However the designs look amazing on the red panda avatars so give them a try.) Also! There are free outfits at Luskwood (Male Outfit) & Curious Kitties (Female Outfit) Be sure to check them out soon!

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