[FREE] Pirate Fairy & Pool Pirates SALE ~90% OFF!

Pool Pirates Sale – 50%~90% Off

50%~90% Off Summer Sale! – “Pool Pirates Sale”

FREE: Also, today a Limited Edition Pirate “Generous Fairy” has been added to the Generous Fairy Service!

This new limited edition fairy gives out limited edition pirate items!

—–[ Curious Kitties Generous Fairies Service ]—–

This service is for ANYWHERE at [Curious Kitties Main Shop]-
if you find a fairy bringing you a treasure chest, please be sure to click it to get a limited item!

Also, there are special ranks for the fairies treasure boxes,
Bronze, Silver & Gold.. each box has a rank of special items!

This service is for in world shoppers to enjoy while shopping at Curious Kitties Main Shop!

Have fun =^.^=

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Nyanotech HUD & Hair! Coral for Summer

Nyanotech HUD [Type A+B]- Pretty Coral L$500
Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Corealia V3 L$100

Todays release is a new “Nyanotech V3 HUD” & Hair perfect for Summer!

The “Nyanotech HUD Series [Type A+B]” can change “Nyanotech Series [Type B]” product colors.

If you do not own a “Nyanotech Series [Type A]” or “Nyanotech Series [Type B]” product you can not change the colors.

Please note the hairstyles are sold seperately from the HUD.

The HUD only needs to be purchased ONCE & then it can be used with as many hairstyles from the same “Nyanotech Series [Type A]” or “Nyanotech Series [Type B]” as you own.

※This HUD can be used with all current “Nyanotech Series [Type A]” & “Nyanotech Series [Type B]”

(V3) Version 3.0. -Any versions or types other then V3 can not be changed.

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[FREE] Summer Flower Tattoo

Summer Flower Tattoo – L$0

Hello Kitties! =^.^=

Todays release is a new group gift!

=^.^= Please note that Curious Kitties previous group gifts are also still up (and will be up for a little while longer) =^.^=

Just remember!

-You have to be in the =^.^= Curious Kitties Update Group to get it!

-Teleport to “http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cutie%20Land/96/32/26” & touch the free gift vendor with your group tag on!

As always this is a limited edition item that will be taken down and replaced with a new gift in the future so make sure to get it while its still here!

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Summer Gardener Hat & Overalls! – Second Life Materials

Todays release is a new pair of overalls & a FREE hat to match in 8 colors!

Summer Gardener Overalls L$250
Summer Gardener Hat L$0


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2013 Summer Fashion Festival Unreal Yukata Dress & Bikini

Todays release is new [Summer Fashion Festival] Unreal Bikinis & Summer Yukata Dresses!

Be sure to check them out at the 2013 Summer Fashion Festival!

[Curious Kitties Summer Fashion Festival Booth]