Curious Kitties Closing Gachas

Curious Kitties Arcade and Games are to be deleted by August 31st

Curious Kitties Shop is Closing all Gachas & the Arcade by August 31st 2021.

Teleport to the Arcade:

More information:

[FREE] Curious Kitties Group Gift Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Sawachika V3

Curious Kitties Latest Group Gift!

Curious Kitties has made a new Color Change hairstyle for the latest group gift!

It uses one of the Nyanotech color change HUDs from the latest gacha!

Teleport to Curious Kitties Shop Gacha Arcade here:

For a limited time the new Nyanotech Gacha is only L$100! Sale ends Today so take a spin while you still can!

Teleport to Curious Kitties Shop group gift here:

Curious Kitties Nyanotech [Type A+B] HUD Gacha

Curious Kitties Shop Arcade has a brand new gacha!

Curious Kitties Nyanotech [Type A+B] HUD Gacha!

For a limited time you can play it for L$100! Change the haircolor of any Curious Kitties Nyanotech V3 hairstyles!

L$0 Teleport to Curious Kitties Shop Arcade here:

L$100 Unreal Poison Gacha

Unreal Poison Gacha – L$100

Todays release is a new unique gacha! This has new original Unreal Fuzz items in it!
Be sure to give it a play =^.^=

The machine includes high quality original items that can not be purchased in the store!

Hope you enjoy the Capsule Game, perfect for a unique look!

[Curious Kitties]

[1 Day Only 25% Off SALE!] 2 New Gachas!

Spring Art Gacha – L$100 25% Off for ONE DAY ONLY!

Todays release is a 2 new unique gachas! To mark the first day of Spring in Japan the Spring themed “Spring Art Gacha” is 25% off for one day only!

These games use transferable tickets so if you get something twice you can give as a gift!

Also, a new rainbow particle gacha! Tons of rainbow only particles! The colors switch randomly for a very wide selection of colors sure to please!

Hope you enjoy the Capsule Games!

[Curious Kitties Arcade]

Rainbow Particle Gacha – L$100

[Curious Kitties Arcade]