[Mesh Design] Gorgeous Royal Crowns

Gorgeous Royal Crown – 8 Colors – 1 Dress: L$500

Todays releases 8 new crowns!

These new crowns are mesh=^.^=

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Golden Week Finale – New Items & Event! Prize Chance!

Giant Golden Pack L$5000

Electropo Hovercraft – Playful Coins L$100

Todays release is a limited quantity [Giant Golden Pack]

This pack has a huge variety of items such as an avatar set & many more gold themed items!

The pack as stated above is of limited quantity, there are only 10 of this pack for purchase!

Also, by purchasing the newly released [Electropo Hovercraft – Playful Coins] you might also win a [Giant Golden Pack] along with L$1000! =^.^=

Be sure to check them out in Curious Kitties Golden Week festival with the other Golden recommended items!

● About the [Electropo Hovercraft – Playful Coins] campaign●
– The Prize is [Giant Golden Pack] + L$1000
– Purchasers of the [Electropo Hovercraft – Playful Coins] will be chosen at random
– The prizes will be delivered May 10th SLT

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Ithe Queen Hat

Ithe Queen Hat – L$200

Todays release is a new Fantasy themed hat from [Curious Kitties Fantasy Fuzz!]

As you can see the main point is the colorful feather accent=^.^=
Also, there are several accents such as a big flower, butterflies ect.. it makes for a very pretty image no one will forget!

I highly recommend all of these fantasy style elf avatars! Be sure to check them out at Curious Kitties Fantasy Fuzz!

*[Curious Kitties Fantasy Fuzz] can be found at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cutie%20Land/21/26/26

Curious Kitties Autumn Festival New Items & Hair Fair Hairs

Todays releases are [Curious Kitties Autumn Festival] items!

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Gothic Kitty Ear Hats & FREE Hat Hair

Kitty Ear Hat – 3 Types 1 Hat: L$175

Todays release are 3 new gothic kitty hats!

There is also a new FREE Nyanotech 09-A series gothic edition hairstyle!
Be sure to check it out!

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*[Curious Kitties Gothic Fuzz] can be found at [http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cutie%20Land/25/228/26]