Bound Draque Pants

Bound Draque Pants – L$200 Todays release are 8 new pants! These are a texture-based type pants layer! They are unisex so both men and women can wear them! =^.^= Be sure to check them out in the clothing section: Or Marketplace:

Plaid Flower Poof Shoes

Plaid Flower Poof Shoes – L$100 Cute Flower plaid shoes for Unreal Fuzz avatars! 50% off IN WORLD for the Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale! Get them for 50% off here: Or on the marketplace: They go great with the Flower Poof Shirt & Flower Poof Skirt

Curious Kitties Black Friday Cyber Monday Goodies

[FREE] Nyanotech [Type B] – Kitty Fan Ears V3 – L$0 Get it in world: Nyanotech HUD [Type A+B] – Black x7 – L$500 Get it in world: Or on the marketplace: Special event item:Black Spirit of Steam Machine Pack – L$200 Popular item revived from 2013!