Techno Electro Clothing & Accessories

Get them in world here:

Or on the marketplace here:

Unreal Fuzz doll sci-fi clothing, accessories, rides and footwear that premiered at the scifi-expo
now available at Unreal Fuzz!

Techno Electro Gloves – L$50
Techno Electro Hovercraft – L$250
Techno Electro Hovering Lazy Robo Ride – L$500
Techno Electro LEDPlaid Dress – L$20
Techno Electro Triangle T-Shirt – L$50
Techno Electro Circle T-Shirt – L$50
Techno Electro Diamond T-Shirt – L$50
Techno Electro Square T-Shirt – L$50
Techno Electro Digiplaid Shorties – L$20
Techno Electro Digiplaid Boots – L$90
Techno Electro Dolly Key – L$250
Techno Electro Glasses – L$100


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