Pirates Plunder Hunt & Pirates Week: New Items at Curious Kitties!

Curious Kitties Summer Festival Pirates Week!

Curious Kitties is taking place in the Pirates Plunder hunt!
Also for 1 week Curious Kitties will be putting out Pirate goods for the Summer Festival!

Second Life Syndicate presents . . .

Pirates Plunder Hunt

Look for a X in each store for fun hunt items.

Other info, like what you are looking for, can be found on the SLS Website:


Start Location


All Locations are maintained and updates on the website for all our hunts from now on, it is the easiest way to keep a most accurate listing for everyone who is on the hunt. If you require an inworld list, feel free to pick one up at the location above, as well as your first item!

Sail forth and enjoy the Booty!

The Second Life Syndicate Team

Kittenz Arg Pirate Avatar – L$2000

Get it at Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz:

Or on the marketplace:

Kittenz Blackbeard Avatar – L$0 Hunt Prize

Need a hint? Here it is: 🎣

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