Curious Kitties Summer Festival 2022

Playing with water balloons! Hit right in the face.

Water balloons that you can throw….and they NEVER stop appearing in your hand.

The Water Balloons are no transfer but there are also exchange ticket bags gift options for those who are purchasing for a friend!

Grab a balloon, grab some friends and have a water balloon fight!

Infinite Water Balloons
L$50 per single color balloon
L$150 per pack of 8 colored balloons
L$200 per pack of 8 colored balloons & exchange Ticket for a friend (8 pack)


Give the card to a friend without wearing it. Your friend can drop the ticket or wear it to have the balloons delivered to them!

34 Uchiwa Fans
L$340 value pack of all the fans

$15 per single fan

Citrus Fruit Drinks & Accessories
L$25 per drink

Eternity Orange Drink
Eternity Lemonaid
Eternity Pink Lemonaid
Eternity Lime Drink

New accessories from L$100!

Check out the festival here:

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