SL19B Shop and Hop Curious Kitties Booth

[FREE] Steampunk Gear Butterfly Friend & Eyes – L$0

A free exclusive gift to celebrate 19 years of Second Life!

The Shopping Event is Open June 16 – July 10!

Steampunk themed doll items!

SL19B Sale – Curious Kitties Booth

Teleport Now:

Check out all these new items and more at a discount rate to celebrate Second Life turning 19!

Matching Steampunk Items, everything at the event is 20%~90% off at the Shop and Hop Event!

Kittenz Uble Elf Avatar – L$3000
Steampunk Princess Headdress – L$100
Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – FancySpike V3 – L$100
Steampunk Princess Kimono – L$500


Punk Peasant Top – L$100

Doll Makeup!

Unreal Azil Skin – Sorcerer – L$800
Unreal Azil Skin – Prinxezz – L$800
Unreal Azil Skin – Forbidden Forest – L$800
Unreal Azil Skin – Silent Butterfly – L$800
Unreal Azil Skin – Innocence – L$800
Unreal Azil Skin – Alfheim – L$800

Check out the birthday celebration calander here:


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