[FREE Golden Week] Special Group Gift + Treasure Bash Event

Hello Kitties! =^.^=

Its another Golden Week Event! ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Week_%28Japan%29 )

Treasure Bash Game Start & extra Special Group Gift!


~~~~~~~~~~~[ Treasure Bash ( Free to Play ) ]~~~~~~~~~~~

– Put on a hammer.
– Click on one of the balls with a star mark to stand.
– Click on the giant treasure chest until it smashes.
– When it smashes you get a random prize.

★6 players at a time – play with some friends!

★Sometimes a rare event happens – the treasure chest can turn black!
★If you smash the pumpkin while its black you get an extra special black color prize!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[ Special Magic Hammer Info ( Pay to Play ) ]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

★[ Enchanted Golden Treasure Chest Crusher Hammer ] – [ L$100 ]

– With this hammer you have a 90% chance of smashing the treasure chest on the first hit.
– The hammer is powerful, so it breaks after using the magic.

★[ Angry Treasure Chest Hammer ] – [ L$100 ]

– With this taunty hammer you have a 100% chance of turning the treasure chest black.
– This makes the treasure chest angry, so it breaks after using the magic.

[Curious Kitties]


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