Genre Monthly Event & Femboy Hunt!

Today 2 new events, [2013 Femboy Hunt] & [Genre] start!

“We are happy to announce the second Femboy Hunt will be in January of 2013! Once again, we won’t be hunting down femboys, sorry, but we do promise a lot of fun and great creations! This is a fashion hunt for femboys, traps and all gender alternate avatars of SL! (Including a-sexual, unisex, sissies, femboys, androgyns, transgender… the list goes on!

Be sure to join the update group for more information and to keep up to date because some updates will only be made in world! The Femboy Hunt is from January 15th – 31st and is NOT a free hunt. Each item is 2$L and will include all styles of fashion, hair, etc, and other accessories from g-rated to adult.

Marketplace stores, as well as sims and clubs that support femboys, traps, alternate genders, etc will also be participating in the hunt, so you can look forward to a wide variety of places to explore and gifts to hunt down!

The blog will have all the hints and pics posted there and the update group and Subscribe-o will have all the special surprises and all the information bout the Femboy Hunt and our other hunts and events! You can take the SLURL below to hit up the Subscribe-o and the group joiner!”

Flickr Group:
Update Group: secondlife:///app/group/6577b6b1-0d9c-b2df-873e-9d96cc2c0707/about

[Curious Kitties Femboy Hunt]

“Genre is a new monthly event that focuses on celebrating the different cultures within SL. With so many creators designing for these special communities, it was high time that they had an event of their own, not only bringing them and their talents to the general populace of SL, but also at a price everyone can afford. Each month a specific genre is chosen along with a theme to help inspire and unify the designers in their creations, with a price cap of 100L per item. Starting on the 15th of every month and ending on the 12th, people will have a lil less than a month to visit the event.

For the opening month Fantasy is being brought to the forefront with Ethereal being the theme….a land where magic abounds, unicorns roam free, and the goblin king reigns.”

This month’s participating designers are:

Bare Rose
Analog Dog
Fallen Gods Inc
La Petite Morte
Curious Kitties
Studio Sidhe

[Genre Location]

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