NEW EVENT! { Mysterious Kitty Box } + New Tumble Kitty Prize!!

The tumble kitty game has now an extra way to get unique unlimited edition prizes!
Use your [Mysterious Kitty Keys] to get tons of prizes from the [Mysterious Kitty Box]

By opening the [Mysterious Kitty Box] you can get tons of items just perfect for the Halloween season!

The prize menu also includes an avatar set so if you didn’t get a tumble kitty be sure to give it a play!

Also the [Tumble Kitty Game] at Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz prize has changed!

・Stand near the [ Mysterious Kitty Box ]
・Put on the free [ Mysterious Metal Kitty Gloves ]
・Drop the [ Mysterious Kitty Key ] on or near the [ Mysterious Kitty Box ]
・Click the [ Mysterious Kitty Box ]
・The [ Mysterious Kitty Box ] will open & give you a prize!!

★You can not use the box or keys without wearing the [ Mysterious Metal Kitty Gloves ]
★You must drop your [ Mysterious Kitty Key ] or you will not get a prize.
★You can get better prizes by dropping more then one [ Mysterious Kitty Key ] at a time,
however you will loose all the keys dropped while playing.

◎The [ Mysterious Kitty Key ] can be acquired by playing the [ Tumble Kitty Game ]


[Curious Kitties]

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