[Mesh Design] New July Full Outfits

Todays release is 4 new full outfits!

Here are the complete specs:

Product Name: Bloody Carnival Outfit
Floral Grape Outfit
No Rules Outfit
Snow Kitten Outfit

Price: L$750~L$1110

Variations: 4 Types

Genre: Goth, Punk, Cute

Category: Full Outfit

Item Type: 80% Mesh, Rigged Mesh

Shop Name: Curious Kitties MAIN Shop – Full Outfit Section

Special Features:

Bloody Carnival Outfit
[ Dress | Top | Bracelets | Stockings | Boots | Choker ]

Floral Grape Outfit
[ Dress | Top | Bracelets | Stockings | Boots ]

No Rules Outfit
[ Dress | Armwarmers | Collar | Stockings | Boots | Arm Bands ]

Snow Kitten Outfit
[ Dress | Gloves | Collar | Boots | Ears ]

As always, these full outfits are perfect for alts or people who like Curious Kitties items but find it too difficult to put a full outfit together themselves. Be sure to check them out in the Full Outfit Section!

Second Life Marketplace

Click Here to go to the Full outfit Section!

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