Curious Kitties Gothic Fuzz Dress & Unreal Fuzz Mermaids

Product Name: Breezy Carnival Chain Dress

Price: L$300

Variations: 8 Colors

Genre: Gothic

Category: Dress

Item Type: 100% Mesh, Rigged Mesh

Shop Name: Curious Kitties Gothic Fuzz

Special Features:
[Curious Kitties Skin HUD Included]

[ Long Sleeves | Mant | Unique Cut ]

[ Stripes | Lace ]

[ Chains | Ribbons | Roses ]

Product Name: Kittenz Mermaid Avatar

Price: L$1000~L$4000

Variations: 8 Types

Genre: Fantasy

Category: Avatar

Item Type: 90% Mesh, Rigged Mesh

Shop Name: Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz

Special Features:

[ 50% Smaller Then Default Avatar ]

[ Eyes | Skin | Head | Shape | Hairstyle | Bubbles | Animations | Undergarment ]

Hello Kitties =^.^=

Todays release is a dress from Curious Kitties Gothic Fuzz, & mermaid Avatar Sets from Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz!

They are a standard type of wild gothic eyes that come in 8 color accents!

Be sure to check them out soon!


[Curious Kitties]

*[Curious Kitties Gothic Fuzz] can be found at []

[Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz]

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