[Mesh Design] Cute Monster Fur Kitty Dress & Ears

Cute Monster Fur Dress – 8 Colors – 1 Dress: L$500

Cute Monster Fur Kitty Ears – 8 Colors – 1 Pair of Ears: L$10
From the popular [Cute Monster Fur Series] comes 2 new cute, fuzzy items!

A pair of cute kitty ears & a fluffy fuzzy dress!

You can get the full set of all [Cute Monster Fur Series] items here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Curious%20Kitties/234/128/21

Also, if you haven’t taken a look yet be sure to visit Mesh Cafe for tons of new & free mesh items!

Please Note: Today the “Butterfly Madness” event ends! There is only a few more hours left so if you haven’t tried it yet or are aiming for the complete set now is your last chance!

Second Life Marketplace

[Curious Kitties]


[Curious Kitties Accessories Clothing]


[Curious Kitties Accessories Accessories]


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