IMPORTANT: Curious Kitties [FREE x2] Group Gift, HUNT & Event!

Nyanotech Maneatingplant Skirt/Ears Maneatingplant [Type B] L$0
Nyanotech Hair [Type B] – Maneatingplant V3 L$0
Nyanotech HUD – Maneatingplant [Type A+B] L$100

Today is a free group gift, free CRAZY HAIR HUNT hair & a new limited edition HUD for the CRAZY HAIR HUNT!

Also, starting today Curious Kitties is putting a week long CRAZY event!
[Curious Kitties]

2 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: Curious Kitties [FREE x2] Group Gift, HUNT & Event!

  1. I was wondering what the avatar was wearing on the skin. I wanted to complete the outfit but can’t find that part. Any tips would be awesome! Thank you!


  2. Hello screamingviolet~ theres several pictures so I’m not sure which your interested in but they should all be either at Curious Kitties Skin / Body section with the exception of the green skin at the very top – it is at Curious Kitties Fantasy Fuzz =^.^= IM morbidia.marchant if you need more info – I think she can give you a more detailed list!


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