Curious Kitties SALE Boxing Day Special Gift Packs

Cute Pink Pack: L$500

Blue Mix Pack: L$500

Monochrome Pack: L$500

Punky Green Pack: L$500

Curious Kitties has done several special limited quantity Sale Gift Packs!

They are Curious Kitties popular clothing, each set has a *limited quantity* of 15!

These gift packs use a special card system so you can send them to a friend.
Drop the gift ticket purchased at the Curious Kitties Gift Exchange location (landmark given with purchase) to recieve the gift.

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to look yet be sure to visit the “[Curious Kitties Garden]” for the “Curious Kitties 50%~90% Off Sale” where you can find many of Curious Kitties clearance items for a limited time, as well as other Free items, group gifts & Holiday items!

Be sure to stop by soon! =^.^=

[Curious Kitties Sale Section(Garden)]

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