Curious Kitties Hair & Clothing Sale !! & Nyanotech HUD – Shiny

Hello Kitties! =^.^=

Today is a Hairstyle & Clothing Winter Sale!

The clearance sale hairstyles are a whopping 90% off!
Clothing clearance is 50% off=^.^=

Because this is a clearance sale after the sale has ended the clearance sale items will all be deleted from the shop, so be sure to take a peek!

Also as a special extra bonus ALL Nyanotech non clearance sale hairs & items in the hair section are 50% off!

The sale starts Today, December 16th & ends on December 12/30th!

Todays release is a new “Nyanotech V3 HUDs”

These new:
[Nyanotech HUD – Shiny (Type A)]
[Nyanotech HUD – Shiny (Type B)]
can be found at [Curious Kitties Hair Section] & can change the color of [Nyanotech Series V3] items!

The HUD types are:
[Nyanotech HUD – Shiny (Type A)]
 [32 Colors, Large HUD] L$700
 [4 Colors, Small HUD] L$100

[Nyanotech HUD – Shiny (Type B)]
 [16 Colors, Large HUD] L$300
 [4 Colors, Small HUD] L$100

Of course all of the [Curious Kitties Hair & Clothing Sale] hair items can be changed with these HUDs if you use the correct type!


[Curious Kitties Hair & Clothing SALE]

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