Curious Kitties 8 FREE Presents! +50% off Nyanotech Hair/HUDs Pack

Holiday Elf Pirschjager Dress – L$0 (FREE)
Holiday Monster Fur Kitty Gloves – L$0 (FREE)
Holiday Monster Fur Kitty Boots – L$0 (FREE)
Holiday Monster Fur Kitty Ears – L$0 (FREE)
Holiday Plaid Dress – Red – L$0 (FREE)
Holiday Plaid Dress – Green – L$0 (FREE)
Holiday Cookie Clown Avatar – L$0 (FREE)
Nyanotech Bell Ribbons – L$0 (FREE)

2010 Best of Curious Kitties Gift Pack (Updated to V3) – L$5000 (LIMITED TIME OFFER: 10 packs 50% off = L$2500)

Todays release is a FREE Present Tree event!

There are 8 FREE presents that you can get from the “Present Tree” =^.^= it spits out 1 of 8 presents randomly!
You click the present you see on the ground and it is automaticlly delivered to your inventory!

The event is on until December 26th so be sure to come check it out soon!

Also, updated new gift pack from 2010!
Its a special “item card system” so you can send them to a friend for the holidays.

Just click the item card attached to you at Curious Kitties or drop it at Curious Kitties to recieve the item purchased. (The card system works anywhere within the shop.)

Also, 10 of these gift packs are 50% off! However, there is a 10 limited quantity of the 50% off packs!

[Curious Kitties Winter Festival]

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