Nyanotech V3, Freebies & Group Gift

Today is an *important* announcement.

The popular “Nyanotech 09
Series” is updating to Version 3.0 (V3) =^.^=

*Please note: from this version & up the name of the “Nyanotech 09
Series” will continue without the “09” in the name, thus making the
new series name “Nyanotech Series”

There are 6 new features to the new V3 series:

– Several improvements to the texture system, adding more variety to the styles

– Faster, smoother texture change

– Reduced compact script load

– New hairstyles have an information HUD to tell the version & original HUD

– Default color HUD to revert the hairstyle to its original color

– Various utility tools such as the delete HUD totally free of charge

Starting today the HUDs have been updated to V3 & are compatible with
all hairstyles.
Over a period of time the old “Nyanotech 09 Series” V2 will be updated
& replaced with the “Nyanotech Series” V3

As the old styles are updated if you own one of the previous V2
versions you can get the new V3 version totally free of charge!

See the information below for the update procedures.

“Nyanotech Update Information”


With todays “Nyanotech Series” 3 new FREE Tools have been released!

The descriptions are as follows:
– “Nyanotech HUD – Script Delete Tool”
Deletes all of the scripts inside the hairstyle.

– “Nyanotech HUD – Information Tool”
Gives information about the hairstyle.

– “Nyanotech HUD – Information Tool”
Reverts the haircolor back to the default color that was in the vendor.

All of these new tools are free to be sure to get them at Curious
Kitties soon! =^.^=

Nyanotech Hair – Elevain [Type A] V3 Group Gift: FREE

Nyanotech Hair – Kyaen [Type B] V3 Freebie: FREE

Nyanotech HUD – Old Fashion Brown [Type A+B] Freebie: FREE

As shown above with the new update system there is also some new FREE releases!
1 free group gift, 1 free hairstyle & 1 free HUD!

Thats all for now, be sure to check back again later for more new releases!

“Curious Kitties”

“Curious Kitties Hair Section Nyanotech Series”

[Curious Kitties]


[Curious Kitties Hair Section]


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