3 thoughts on “Earthquakes

  1. Yes, in fact is what I have heard at the news in T.V. at the radio and the internet news about this earthquake, that was even worst than the one we had in Mexico, count on me if you want, I´m always here for the friends it doesn´t matter if they are new or old friends. And, I will be patient to see more new items in the future.


  2. Hello Morbidia – I am so pleased to here you are well!! I am still up in Perth having treatment but fly back this Thursday 17th March… i have been very concerned with your earthquake being so big, and the tsunami and now the radiation plants ;/ I hope you and husband and family and friends are well… and i can speak to you soon and send you much love, light and healing and protection… xxx love, your friend, Tressa Beaumont xxx


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