Poison Diamonds Skins and Ears

Khalaji Kitty Ears – L$200
Kitten Ears – L$200
Human Ear Cover – L$100
Bunnie Ears – L$200

*C:K* Nor Ithil Skin – Poison Diamonds
*C:K* Nor Athan Skin – Poison Diamonds
*C:K* Nor Taure Skin – Poison Diamonds
*C:K* Nor Alda Skin – Poison Diamonds
*C:K* Nor Sereg Skin – Poison Diamonds
*C:K* Nor Lhach Skin – Poison Diamonds
*C:K* Nor Ril Skin – Poison Diamonds
*C:K* Nor Meleth Skin – Poison Diamonds

Todays release are 8 new Fantasy style skins and ears!

I highly recommend all of these fantasy style items! Be sure to check them out soon!

[ Ears ]
[ Skins]

*[Curious Kitties Fantasy Fuzz] can be found at [Curious Kitties Fantasy Fuzz]



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