Christmas Items & Free Christmas Presents!

[Christmas Items]

Fuzzy Christmas Kitty Gloves 1 Pair: L$200

Christmas Kitty Boots 1 Pair: L$200

Christmas Stripe Kitty Hoodie – White 1 Hoodie: L$270

Christmas Stripe Kitty Hoodie – Red 1 Hoodie: L$270

[Free Christmas Presents]

Christmas Bag 1 : Xmas Present:Free

Christmas Bell Bound Bracelets 1 Xmas Present:Free

Lazy Christmas Head Kitty Doll 1 Xmas Present:Free

Christmas Little Bell Necklace 1 Xmas Present:Free

Merry Christmas! =^.^=

Todays release are 4 new Christmas items & a Free Christmas present event!

The Christmas releases are popular neko themed items redone in a Christmassy taste!

Also, there are 4 FREE Christmas presents that you can get from the “Christmas Tree” =^.^= it spits out 1 of 4 presents randomly! You click the present you see on the ground and it is automaticlly delivered to your inventory!


Also, if you haven’t had a chance to look yet be sure to visit the “[Curious Kitties Garden]” for the “Curious Kitties Christmas Sale” where you can find many of Curious Kitties clearance items for a limited time, as well as other Free items, group gifts & Christmas items!

The [Curious Kitties] sale (50%~90% off) ends on the 28th so be sure to stop by soon! =^.^=

[Curious Kitties]

[Curious Kitties Christmas Sale Section(Garden)]

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