Elegant Bunny Avatar & Freebies

Click here to see more pictures of the avatar/add-ons

Todays release is quite a special one! Its a bunny avatar set! Its cell shaded making the whole look quite cute! There are also 2 add-ons to make the bunny look different! The main project that includes the bunny avatar, a full set of clothing & some hair. There are two add-on packs for the bunny avatar that adds entirely new hair & clothes for each! “Black Lace Outfit” & “Love Bunny Outfit” Also, as a special one time offer the full “Elegant Bunny Avatar” is being sold for only L$100! There is a full prim display of the entire avatar set up near the main teleport point! Be sure to take a peek! Also! Theres a free add-on item for the avatar plus a bunny doll anyone regardless of their avatar type can use! Its the “Bunny Hop Free Items!” and if you can find the golden egg their hidden in you can get them for free! They are hidden somewhere in Curious Kitties!

Click here to go to Curious Kitties

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